Partners program

If you want to be featured on our FB page, please feel free to contact us. We support communities, Youtube channels and other types of squads.

You’ll be required to send us a high quality video and some additional materials.


  1. Length of the video – 3-15 minutes.
  2. Recommended video quality – 1080p (60fps). Minimum – 720p (30fps).
  3. No commentary video is ok, but video with comments is preferred.
  4. No hate speech, no aggressive and annoying swearing (occasional F**k is ok!).
  5. Funny and entertaining content.
  6. Video Thumbnail
  7. All the info that you want us to mention in the post (links to your YouTube channel, FB profile, etc.)
  8. No ads or irrelevant content in the video!


  • We post at 7pm PST.
  • Maximum 3 partner posts per week.
  • If your video is accepted, we will notify you about the timing.

IMPORTANT: By submitting videos to StarWarsGaming72, you hereby acknowledge that you grant StarWarsGaming72 a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify your video for commercial use. You also verify that you are the owner of this clip.


  • We don’t require any payment for the featured post!
  • We don’t pay for submitted videos!