-Knights in Shining Armor-

“After our victory across the system and successfully defeating the droid army at Utapau- I came back to discover that the 501st Legion had stormed the Jedi temple, and eradicated the Jedi Scum from the Galaxy. While the Republic went into a new transition from Republic to the Galactic Empire, we went through a transition too. We were given new, stronger armor and cutting edge equipment to defend the security of the Empire. For our dedicated service, we were awarded with the name ‘Vader’s Fist’. Our armor differed from the other recruits. As we had handed the Republic the victory of the clone wars, our armor was donned with blue stripes to signify our Legion- our heritage. We were proud men, battle hardened and ready to lay down our lives for the Empire. Little did I know,… it wasn’t our lives that would be lost.

Our first mission with our new leader Lord Vader whom I’m told led the attack on the Jedi Temple, had ordered our legion to go to the Cloud City of Bespin- a gas giant that was known for mining rare Tibanna gas. There were rumors that Jedi sympathizers were aiding in supplying funds, weaponry, and ammunition to insurrectionist trying to undermine our great Empire. We were dispatched in a small unit hoping to get the drop on them- and we did.

We arrived incognito via cargo-haulers. He wanted to keep the mission quiet, and only took 30 of us with him. When we arrived, Lord Vader pulled me aside and ordered me to investigate the customs area of the city we had landed on. I obliged, and hurried off. The inside of this place reminds me of Kamino… very bright, nothing to differentiate the halls from one another- that was until I ran into the terrorist that we were hunting.

As soon as I turned the corner, the hallway lit up with a symphony of red- blaster bolts and sparks illuminating the rebels and reflecting off my armor. I took cover and returned fire, striking the rebel in his arm forcing him to drop it. I heard someone scream no, and saw a woman round the corner aiming her blaster at me. It made no difference, I squeezed the trigger on my heavy blaster; filling up her torso with burn marks. As she fell to the ground, the insurrectionist I had wounded previously was crawling to her. As I approached, I kept the barrel of my weapon trained on them. The rebel looked up at me, tears running down his face. He obviously had some type of connection to this scum… A normal soldier would have let them be. But I’m not a normal soldier. I’m a good soldier, and good soldiers follow orders. I kicked his weapon away, and let out a volley of three shots finishing him off.

After clearing and sweeping the rest of the facility, I made my way outside to see why Lord Vader was chosen to lead us. He was nothing like a Jedi- he was leading the way, with such ferociousness made me thankful he was on our side. Watching him lead our troops as he would pick up these terrorist by simply raising his hand, choking them and rag-dolling them off of the platforms was truly something to witness. He had quite the flare as well, when the doors opened to the outside platforms, they were waiting for us. Or maybe he was waiting for them. Vader stepped in front of us, while these terrorist let out a heavy volley of blaster fire. He deflected that like it was nothing, using the force to quell their attempts. Not one trooper went down.
His leading style was similar to someone I had fought along side before… or was recognizable at least, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. That didn’t matter though, he was our leader. And because of him, we were victorious. We proved to be Vader’s Fist indeed, and we were damn proud of it.”

Ladies and gents, welcome to the Empire.